tired. oh so tired are we gonna make it? depression the abyss stares back...always God can't hear me feeling suicidal


for those long, lonely nights

Yes, I know we're supposed to keep away from electronics for at least 1-2hrs before bed. Yes, I know that bluelight is supposed to throw my circadian rhythm off. But for the life of me, even when I do everything right, I end up awake all fucking night.

Insomniacs like us are a lonely bunch - not beacuase we're loners but because the kind of sleep deprivation we're familiar with forces us to internalize nothing but the most persistantly creative forms of negative virtue. Naturally, we are of no use to anyone in this state. We may even be burdonsome and choose to stay away from the normal people, lest they misunderstand or worse, we do something regrettable. Many nights, I wished I had people to talk to. Not just any people, but people who UNDERSTOOD me. No one to tell me "Have you tried melatonin?", "Have you tried exercising?", "Hey anon, I know your problem just quit the caffiene you don't drink", or the contemptuous classic "Just close your eyes and go to sleep!"

Well, in between feeling like death and cursing God with tears streaming down my face, I've managed to cobble this place together. A true 24/7 insomniac community where no matter what time you're awake, you're bound to find LIKE-MINDED people to talk to in real time. It's our own little corner of the internet! Whether you are diagnosed, undiagnosed, have insomnia, sleep apnea, DSPD, N24; work nights at the museum or engaged in any other sleep related struggle - I implore you, fellow human, rest thy weary mind and chill here awhile. You might just calm your soul as I have calmed mine.